The Circuit: New Ways to Look at Groceries, Tech, and the White House

Grid of Ebeling, Wallace, Gore, and Rauch
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Put down the chips
When former Trader Joe’s exec Doug Rauch stepped down from the top position at our favorite hummus and wine provider, he focused his talents on solving the hunger problem in America. Focusing on two startling statistics—1 in 6 Americans struggle with food insecurity, and 30% of food produced in America ends up in landfills—he started a non-profit named Daily Table, which helps to solve both problems. By turning “ugly” produce into affordable products for people living on food stamps and cheap non-nutritious products, Rauch is changing lives and the way we think about the food industry.

Nyet Going to End the Convo on Russia
In the wake of the Comey exit, political pundits everywhere are positing next steps for both the White House and Congress. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace was on Today yesterday morning discussing the likelihood of a special prosecutor being appointed to the Russia investigation, saying “I don’t see how you can avoid it.”

Shameless plug: Nicole’s new show Deadline: White House debuted this week on MSNBC—catch it every weekday at 4pm.

Have you heard of Alice?
Me neither, until this week. Elizabeth Gore, entrepreneur-in-residence at Dell, and her colleagues unveiled a new machine learning platform on Tuesday called Hello Alice. Aimed at female entrepreneurs,  Alice connects its users with info, referrals, and other resources in a “chatty, friendly way.” Currently a free platform, Alice offers content on finance, tech, and strategy in a way that connects users to real people and helps accelerate their business objectives. 

And the Award goes to…
Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible Labs, was presented with the Disruptor Award at the annual Tribeca Film Festival for the innovative work he does in assembling incredible teams to achieve impossible results for humanity.


 Too much time spent listening to Mick could cause you to write your resignation letter and seek to join his cause immediately.

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