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It’s been a tough week in the news department. If you still want to learn more about Jerusalem, tax reform, the Government shutdown, or harassment allegations in the Senate, you might be interested in The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart’s take on why President’s Trump’s Jerusalem plan is a “deadly provocation”, or CNN’s Chris Cillizza’s article on breaking down the “old boys club” of the US Senate. 

Or, if you’d prefer a lighter, non-political round up for a change – check out the items below that I’ve picked out of the speaking world for you. At least you’ll have some ammunition to change the subject at the next holiday party. Grab a cup of eggnog and discuss.


It’s Coming

Wired editor Greg Williams shares a sneak peek at the tech advances coming our way in the New Year in his recent editor’s letter: “This is What the Wired World Will Look Like in 2018.” In conversations with designers, scientists, and other innovators, he paints a picture of Amazon taking on Google for the top seat, more sophisticated cyber attacks, mainstream augmented reality and more. 



Moving Sidewalks!

If someone handed you the keys to the city, what would you do first? Former deputy mayor of NYC and current CEO of Sidewalk Labs Dan Doctoroff discusses the revitalization of major cities with Steve Koch from Chicago. They share the challenge leaders have to create energy around change and new ideas and the need to balance growth with innovation.



Shift in DNA
One of the original Mac marketers (she helped Steve Jobs develop the “Think Different” campaign), Andy Cunningham talks to Cheddar about the new iPhone X and what it says about Apple. Moving from what she calls a “missionary mindset” under Steve Jobs to a more “mechanic company” with Tim Cook, Cunningham describes how Apple is evolving.



Okay – A Little Politics
And possibly an Oscar nod? Check out the trailer for the new movie The Post, which tells the gripping true story behind the Washington Post’s publication of the Pentagon Papers. Imagine all of the intrigue at The Post when Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, and Ben Bradlee were tracking the these infamous stories and Katherine Graham was holding the keys to the press. I know what I’m watching this Christmas!


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