The Circuit: Penny For Your Thoughts


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Advice for President Trump

If you’re following the conversations around N. Korea (and who isn’t worried about this world bully?) you’re probably wondering about the real options available to the US. This week, former CIA acting deputy director Mike Morell talked with CBS This Morning about why diplomacy with North Korea is “not an option,” and could be the “defining national security issue” of the Trump presidency.

Morell is also now on Twitter – def worth following. 

Advice for Rupert Murdoch

Columbia Business School tweeted a video sharing former Buzzfeed and Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg’s take on why “cable isn’t satisfactory for the consumer.” Also – it features a cat – if you’re into internet cat videos and smart stuff, this is definitely for you.  

Advice Blockbuster and Kodak Could Have Used
Our personal favorite! Innovation and disruption guru Mike Steep stepped into the LAI Video studio to share his secret formula to finding new sources of innovation, using technology to disrupt your business before someone disrupts you, and examples of how he’s worked with major companies to do just that. Think Boeing, BMW, and major metropolitan cities. You’re probably going to watch this more than once.

And a congrats to someone whose strategic advice is so good they’ve been shortlisted for a “Strategy Award” by Thinkers50 (it’s a big deal!): Rita McGrathRead about it here.

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