The Circuit: Small Talk Starters for Your Weekend

Professional headshots of Clapper, Manjoo, Cook, and Weir
The Circuit
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Hot out There? Try Being in the White House…
“There has never been a case of election interference more aggressive than that involving Russia and the 2016 presidential election,” James Clapper, former director of national intelligence told CNN on Tuesday. Saying he’s “absolutely” sure that Russia was meddling, Clapper went on to say that it is unclear if the interference actually affected the outcome of the election.



Have You Taken the Farhad Challenge?
Recently on Twitter, NYT columnist Farhad Manjoo asked “What’s the order in which you would drop Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook from your life – if you were forced to? From first to last…” And THEN, some big names in the tech space answered! See how your decision would stack up to theirs.

Who’s Ready for 2018?
While it’s not likely to be a wave election in the next mid-term; there are lots of factors to consider on both sides of the aisle. Legendary election handicapper Charlie Cook is focused on 2018 in a big way with a lot of interesting details to think about as you and your friends prep to knock on doors or have your door knocked.

Friday Night on the Sofa
Tomorrow night – flip over to CNNGo for the premiere of State of Change. CNN storyteller Bill Weir tours the U.S. talking to Americans about our divisions and challenges in a beautiful documentary-style show.





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