The Circuit: So Much New Stuff




Happy Friday! I have so many *new* things to share with you, I hope you get a chance to watch or listen to a few of them. These are power hitters in their categories. Everytime I get a chance to hear from these speakers I am impressed and learn something new!

New Speaker/New Video

Everyone is talking about cyber security right now – whether your personal information or business has been breached or you’re engaged in the uphill battle of preventing such an attack. Which makes working with one of our newest speakers, former US Homeland Security and Counterterrorism advisor Lisa Monaco so exciting. She’s been getting terrific reviews from clients, and addresses the implications of the internet of things, the diverse nature of today’s cyber threat, and what both you and your company can and should be doing to protect your data moving forward. Check out her new video.


My FIRST Podcast

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of filling in for a colleague to host one of our podcasts. AND it featured one of my favorite speakers – legendary former communications director at Harley-Davidson, Ken Schmidt. If you are interested in things like generating more buzz for your brand or business, or figuring out what the key is to creating customer loyalty, this is a great listen. During our chat, Ken and I discussed winning in the Amazon Era – how to compete with the big boys and what consumers really want.


Her New Show

Former White House Press Secretary and co-host of Fox’s The Five – Dana Perino – is getting a NEW show of her own on Fox called The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino. Called a “rising star” by the president of Fox News, Perino’s new show debuts on October 2nd at 2pm. As she describes it, the new show will “take on the major issues facing Americans and explore them from all angles.” 


He Will Be the First!

Polar explorer Ben Saunders announced this week that he is about to embark on his attempt to make the first solo and unsupported crossing of Antarctica. (BTW – his friend, Lt. Col. Henry Worsley died attempting this same mission last year.) Ben is qualified – in 2014 he successfully completed the longest ever polar journey on foot, walking to the South Pole and back again. Exploring one of the harshest places on Earth requires a certain temperament and special gear; Fun fact: we hear that he only has room to pack 2 pairs of underwear. Bon Voyage and safe travels Ben! Can’t wait to hear your story when you return!


Our New House

Also – did you know LAI moved? For us it means we have shiny, new offices. But for you? Oh, wow – check out the new studio our video clients now have access to. And, enjoy the silly nerdiness of our talented video editors.



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