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Truly Ah-maz-ing
Dr. Geoffrey Tabin is spearheading an incredible mission – to fight blindness in some of the poorest countries in the world. Mark your calendar to watch 60 Minutes this Sunday because you will be in awe and possibly cry. (I did.) Dr. Tabin and his partner have perfected a $20 cataract surgery that they have performed in more than 24 countries to restore sight to more than 750,000 patients. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. They aren’t just performing surgery, they are TEACHING the procedure to local doctors who have already helped an additional 4 MILLION patients.
Amazing That We Got Here At All
Former deputy assistant secretary of defense Evelyn Farkas weighed in on President Trump’s suggestion that the U.S. work cooperatively with Russia on cybersecurity, saying that “it’s ridiculous to imagine that we can cooperate with Russia.” She and a few members of Congress also told Lawrence O’Donnell why they suggest introducing legislation to block funding for any joint U.S./Russia cyber unit.

Amazing Motivation
Laila Ali was told by dad (Muhammad Ali) that “boxing is not for women.” Her powerful rendition of the effort and work it takes to reach your goals brings her story full circle with a 24-0 boxing career that proved her father wrong. Check out this condensed version of her “All In” story

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