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Did You Put a Cover on Your TPS Report?
Ever wonder how we get conditioned to act in ways we’d never choose on our own? Wharton professor and behavioral scientist Jonah Berger explains why a company culture has trouble shifting and embracing change in this funny and real (scary) video of how it happens to all of us.


If you find this fascinating, take a look Inside the Curious Mind of Jonah Berger courtesy of Wharton. I promise you’ll feel a whole lot smarter when you are done!

How did you find my Diary Under my Pillow?
This week claims of lax cyber security around the Trump properties (including Mar-a-lago) have people raising their eyebrows about the information leaks and the surveillance of sensitive conversations. According to  Jeremiah Grossman, chief of Security Strategy for cybersecurity firm SentinelOne (and the guy who hacked Yahoo! at age 20), This is “bad, very bad, I’d assume the data is already stolen and systems compromised.”  

Speaking of Security…
President Obama’s National Security Advisor Lisa Monaco sat down with the SCIF podcast to talk about what she misses most about working in the White House… and what she doesn’t miss. Hint: Being one of few people in the world authorized to wake up the President in the middle of the night causes a *little* bit of stress. Lisa also comments on the current White House and the importance of preserving process across administrations.

Junk Food vs Nutrition
Are we all in love with the junk food of the internet? Is the era of critical thinking over? Have millennials ruined television and news for all of us forever? Jon Steinberg, founder of Cheddar and former president and COO of Buzzfeed says no. While traditional media is declining, high quality content is in our future and starting to show up in new forms of communication. Smart and savvy consumers of news and entertainment are getting their fix from a variety of up and coming outlets that signal the future of programming.

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