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Corey Lewandowski Available for Speaking

by Maddie Donnelly
Previous Campaign Manager for Trump and Speaker

If there is one thing about this year’s election that people can agree on, it’s that it has been full of surprises no pundit was able to predict. Corey Lewandowski, Campaign Manager of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. from January 2015 to June 2016, has had a front row seat to this historic election from the very first primaries.

What did the Trump and Sanders campaigns see that no one else saw? Why was no one able to predict Trump’s eventual nomination? What do businesses and associations need to know as we head into 2017?

Audiences will appreciate Lewandowski’s insights into polling, demographics, historic rallies, and the energy that drove Trump to become the unexpected nominee, plus what all this means for future candidates and elections.

If you’re interested in going behind the scenes of this year’s race, there is no one better positioned to discuss Trump’s runaway success than Corey Lewandowski. Whether paired with a Democratic colleague or by himself, audiences will enjoy getting an insider’s perspective on this unprecedented election.

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