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Corey Lewandowski: Trump's First 100 Days

Trump Campaign Manager Political Speaker

Our clients who have recently booked former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski are coming back with rave reviews. They specifically like his charisma and how he lifts the curtain on the Trump administration, providing insight on how they set an agenda and operate. Here is one review we just got:

“It was a fantastic evening and a huge success. His insights and energy were, as I knew they would be, remarkable. I know everyone got even more than they may have hoped for out of the evening. At the beginning of his talk he mentioned that while he has an obvious bias, he would only present the facts without any personal emotion heavily involved, which was greatly appreciated. He handled the contentious questions that were thrown at him during the open Q&A very well and didn’t shy away from any topics. Everyone absolutely loved him and we received nothing but praise from our clients and investors.”

We have seen Corey in a point-counterpoint discussion and he is good in this environment too. He’s great on site, accommodating, and at the event I attended, stayed late to answer questions and make sure the client got everything they needed.

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