Creating Profitability Through Wellness

Professional headshot of David Nico

So you’ve heard that happy and healthy employees show increased productivity, exhibit higher moral, and spend less days away from the workplace. But do you know how to navigate the research and find the best health and wellbeing strategies that will bring the greatest return for you and your company?

Leading Authorities latest roster update, David Nico (aka Dr. Healthnut), can do just that.

David Nico is a leading expert in the emerging field of personalized health strategies and coaching psychology. His dedication to health and wellness has contributed to thousands of hours of advising leaders with dynamic strategies to enhance longevity, effectiveness, and profitability.

Just like the latest trends in fashion and media, diet fads and junk science are everywhere. Don’t be misinformed, fill out the form below to bring in a real expert. Dr. David Nico is prepared to help your team make lasting positive changes in their habits, psychology, and nutrition.

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