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Cyber Security Speakers Say: Headaches Have “Only Just Begun”

by Maddie Donnelly
 Cyber Security Speakers on Biggest Conference Topics
Cyber security is going to be one of 2017’s biggest conference topics—insiders are suggesting the hackings we saw in 2016 are only the start of a larger phenomenon.

These big-name speakers cover hacking, geopolitics, and cyber defence:

Sir John Scarlett was chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service from 2004-2009. He spent nearly four decades as an intelligence official based around the world (Paris, Nairobi, London, Moscow) and was responsible for the co-ordination and presentation of intelligence advice to the Prime Minister. He offers the ultimate insider’s glimpse into the major trends affecting businesses now.

Graham Cluley is an award-winning tech security analyst. He worked for nearly 15 years as a senior technology consultant at security firm Sophos. He currently runs one of the most popular tech and cyber security blogs on the web, and offers fast-paced presentations packed with insights on current security breaches.

Gen. Mike Hayden is a top choice for groups that want a high-level look at the geopolitical relationships fueling cyber warfare as well as the specific ways information becomes compromised. The only man to serve as director of both the CIA and the NSA, he offers the ultimate insider’s look at a nation’s ever-changing informational landscape and cyber-security vulnerabilities.

Chris Tarbell is the man that gives even the most notorious cybercriminals nightmares. A former FBI Special Agent, Chris tells the shocking stories of how he infiltrated the hacking group Anonymous and how he led the arrest of two of the most infamous hackers in cyberspace—plus how you can punch back against would-be attackers.

Michael Morell is the former Deputy and Acting Director of the CIA. In an age where the intelligence community has never been more important to national security, he offers audiences a debrief on the current state of our intelligence capabilities as well as how cyber fits into relationships with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea and the role of cyber operations in war.

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