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Dawn Hudson: 3 Takeaways From My Time At the NFL

by Maddie Glading
Dawn Hudson speaker

Last week, Dawn Hudson, former NFL Chief Marketing Officer and former President and CEO of Pepsi Cola North America, spoke to a room full of DC-based CEOs about her three plus years at the NFL and the biggest takeaways from her career thus far.

Dawn walked the room through her pathway to becoming the first senior woman on staff at the NFL and the tactics that propelled her success forward. Here are just three of the themes Dawn touched upon during the talk:

1. View Challenges As Opportunities

Hudson joined the NFL during a time of considerable change. This instability may have intimidated other leaders, but not Hudson. Reflecting on that time, Hudson talked about how leaders need to view challenges as opportunities for discovering a new and better way of doing things, rather than reasons to throw in the towel.

dawn hudson 2

2. Always Consider New Pathways—Even If They Seem Wrong At First

During her presentation, Dawn touched upon a brief hiatus she took from marketing to work in sales in Chicago. Saying that, at the time, it seemed an odd choice to coworkers and even to herself, she reflected on the ways that that experience improved her overall understanding of taking a product to market.

She also revealed that when Commissioner Roger Goodell approached her about the Chief Marketing Officer position at the NFL, it seemed inopportune (due to timing and other considerations). However, after considering the role more thoroughly, Hudson realized what a perfect fit it would be for her skill set and goals.

3. Figure Out What’s Missing, and Work Backwards From There

When asked about her revolutionary work at the NFL, Dawn talked about her ideas and campaigns to inject the league with humor and humanity—at a time it needed those things the most. The League had dealt with scandal and a shifting image, and Hudson quickly realized that tackling issues head on would be most effective. Hudson’s work was so successful that she was recognized as “The Most Vital Leader in Tech, Media, and Marketing” by AdWeek in 2015.

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