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Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Kristin Beck

Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Kristin Beck

Are you looking for a diversity and inclusion speaker who can help your organization think about new ways to build a more welcoming culture? Do you need a speaker who can share moving personal stories to reframe conversations about diversity?

Leading Authorities is proud to represent Kristin Beck, America’s first openly transgender Navy SEAL, for lectures. Kristin is a civil rights activist and a powerful presenter on these issues as well as leadership and teamwork.

In presentations, Kristin shares her incredible story spanning her 20 years of service with the SEALs as well as her life after the Navy. Beck inspires audiences to “lean out” of their comfort zones and make new connections with people who challenge conventional wisdom and stereotypes.

Kristin encourages audiences to focus on the things they have in common with one another, instead of their differences. Answering questions like, “What’s the value in a diverse workforce?” and “How can I bridge the gap between people who seem totally dissimilar?”, Beck helps companies work to build a more welcoming and united culture.

To preview Kristin’s talk, watch this:

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