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Doing Well While Doing Good

by Maddie Donnelly
Corporate Social Responsibility Speakers

We want to share three speakers with you who have terrific stories about doing well while doing good. These speakers are inspiring individuals who have incredible accomplishments and make great CSR (corporate social responsibility) keynote speakers. Watch their incredible videos:

Patricia Wilson
Remember the “Bat Kid” Make-A-Wish caper? That was Patricia Wilson. She’s got a great speech about leadership and assembling a strong team that is heart-warming and inspiring.

Mick Ebeling
An incredibly accomplished advertising exec and film maker (he made one of the Bond opening sequences), Mick Ebeling is solving “impossible” problems one at a time. He’s building prosthetics, helping deaf musicians feel music, and teaching kids with cerebral palsey how to walk. How? By committing to a project, assembling a great team, and telling a powerful story.

Chris Gavigan
You’ve seen the designer diapers at Target. Maybe you’ve purchased a bottle of The Honest Company’s lotion or body wash. Check out co-founder Chris Gavigan’s passionate message about building consumer relationships, creating transparency, and growing a billon dollar organization.

These are just three of recommendations for powerful csr keynote speakers who are successful while making a difference. If you’d like more information on any of these speakers or more csr keynote speaker recommendations, please fill out the form below.

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