Donna Brazile: Best Political Pairings

Donna Brazile: Best Political Pairings

Donna Brazile is one of LAI’s favorite political analysts. Her southern charm, big personality, and hilarious anecdotes make her an instant audience favorite (she’s like the favorite aunt you never had). We are constantly pairing her with her Republican counterpoints for a great back-and-forth on the current political environment.

My favorite pairings are:

  • Haley Barbour (fellow southerners, they have huge respect for each other and their larger-than-life personalities meld and clash at just the right moments – watch video), and
  • Nicolle Wallace (both “tell it like it is,” sharing unbelievable insider stories, and have worked for big personalities in politics)

Everybody loves Donna—but if you want more ideas, we have lots of great political pairings like POLITICO’s Jim VandeHei and John Harris.

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