Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall's Powerful Story of Overcoming Adversity

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall

Inspiring, relentless, and a powerful storyteller. These are just three of the ways to describe new LAI exclusive speaker and life sciences leader, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall.

With a 40-year career on the frontlines of healthcare as a former executive at Pfizer and other leading biopharmaceutical companies, she shares how, as an African-American woman born in the 50s, her aspirations of becoming a physician were bold. And the path to getting there was full of twists and turns that tested her resolve and her ability to achieve “equanimity under duress.”

Calm, Focus, and Resilience in Times of Chaos

Dr. Lewis-Hall’s powerful storytelling is on full display in the video below as she reveals how, as a medical student at Howard University, she was able to overcome tragedy and move past the setbacks, even as fire was raining down from the sky and everything was chaotic around her.

Dr. Lewis-Hall’s message of perseverance is one that resonates with groups in any industry – inspiring audiences to embrace pressure, determine their own destinations, and continue working toward their goals even through the most challenging of circumstances.​​​​​​​

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