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Energetic Trailblazers from the World of Sports

by Maddie Donnelly
Female Sports Speakers

Last week, we ran a poll on Twitter that asked our followers to tell us what they most want out of a speaker. The top response? Energy and enthusiasm.

We represent candid, funny, and inspiring speakers from the buzzing and high-energy world of sports who captivate audiences while imparting serious wisdom and insight about leadership, marketing and sales, and getting ahead:

  • Bill Rasmussen: ESPN founder Rasmussen draws on his humorous and relaxed speaking style to take audiences back to 1978 when an all-sports network was just a fledgling idea. With an honest look at the creation of a major global brand, Bill calls upon his audiences to be better leaders, more effective risk takers, and more entrepreneurial businesspeople by avoiding complacency at all costs.
  • Molly Fletcher: Called the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Fletcher is an incredibly personable and inspiring sports agent and CEO who paved the way for women in her field. Fletcher’s speeches are tailored and offer behind-the-scenes intel on making connections with clients—including her confidence-driven, trademark sales advice to “behave as if you already have the business.”
  • Linda Cohn: A SportsCenter broadcaster for nearly 25 years, and one of the first female sportscasters, Cohn hosted her 5,000th ESPN show in February 2016. Cohn’s style is candid and off-the-cuff (her reflective novel is called Cohn-Head, A No Holds Barred Look of Breaking into the Boys Club), and she treats audiences to an inspiring look at how to get ahead—even if you’re an underdog.

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