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Event Recap: Lewandowski & Cutter

by Maddie Donnelly
Political Strategists and Keynote Speakers

Last week Leading Authorities hosted a breakfast discussion featuring political strategists Corey Lewandowski and Stephanie Cutter. The conversation was moderated by former POLITICO “Playbook” author Mike Allen.

During their talk, Corey and Stephanie didn’t shy away from answering Mike’s sharp and informed questions (“Does Trump really shoot off those midnight tweets?” “What role will family members play in the next White House?”), and proved once and for all that it’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

Together they pulled back the curtain on Presidential campaigns, filling the audience in on the revolutionary tactics they used during their time as campaign managers. Stephanie talked about the “scorecard” system President Obama once used to rank each American’s likelihood of voting Democrat, while Corey talked about Trump’s use of social media to directly reach the American public.

Stephanie Cutter and Corey Lewandowski Duo Event

Click here to see more photos from the event.

Breakfast attendees left with new insight on everything from what’s served for lunch on “Trump Force One” to the role of media in Presidential elections and the possible pathway forward for each candidate.

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