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Experts On Trade & Tariffs

Speakers on trade and tariff issues

For industries dependent on foreign trade, recent conversations on tariffs and trading partnerships are likely being watched closely and analyzed. If this is a topic you’d like to provide more expert insights on at an upcoming meeting, here are some great options.

7 Trade & Tariffs Experts

Here are seven of the top experts on trade and tariffs that we represent for speaking engagements:

  1. Ambassador Michael Froman
  2. Evelyn Farkas
  3. Doug Holtz-Eakin
  4. Ambassador Ron Kirk
  5. Josh Earnest
  6. Carlos Gutierrez
  7. Anja Manuel

Keep reading to learn more about each of these trade and tariff experts below and click on their hyperlinked names to browse through their individual speaker profile pages and find out more about each of their speaking topics and see their speaker video footage.

Ambassador Michael Froman

Former US Trade Representative & Vice Chairman and President of Strategic Growth, MasterCard

Ambassador Michael Froman is the Vice Chairman and President of Strategic Growth for MasterCard. He formerly served as the 17th United States Trade Representative, sworn in under President Obama in 2013. In this capacity, he served in the Cabinet as President Obama’s principal advisor, negotiator, and spokesperson on international trade and investment issues. He also led the Office of the United States Trade Representative in its work to open global markets for US goods and services, enforcing America’s rights in the global trading system and fostering development through trade. In his current role at MasterCard, he focuses on developing solutions for governments and other enterprises, launching new businesses, and driving financial inclusion and inclusive growth efforts. Learn more about Michael here

Evelyn Farkas

Foreign Policy and Global Trends Expert; NBC National Security Contributor

Dr. Evelyn Farkas is one of the nation’s premier voices on American foreign policy and geopolitics, and one of the nation’s most-trusted experts on US-Russia relations. As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia, she was the Department of Defense’s top Russia expert under President Barack Obama. Farkas advised three US Secretaries of Defense during her tenure at the Pentagon and was responsible for policy toward Russia and the surrounding region. She is an outspoken voice on how America ought to respond to adversaries and manage aggressors, ranging from Russia to North Korea to Iran. Learn more about Evelyn here

Doug Holtz-Eakin

Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office & Economic and Fiscal Policy Expert

Dr. Doug Holtz-Eakin, the former director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and the former chief economist of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, is one of the nation’s top economists. He has served at the highest levels of government and is well-known on Capitol Hill and in Washington’s top think tanks. Having been involved in policy, politics, academia, and government, he is unique in his diverse, multifaceted economic background and offers audiences a 360 degree view of the economy. Learn more about Doug Holtz-Eakin here

Ambassador Ron Kirk

Former US Trade Representative & Political Insider 

Ambassador Ron Kirk is the former United States trade representative (USTR), the former mayor of Dallas, and the first African-American to fill those roles. Dubbing his city the “Capital City of NAFTA,” he understands the political and economic demands of running the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country. As mayor, he served two terms from 1995–2002 and was among a group of political leaders who called for permanently normalizing trade relations with China. With nearly 20 influential years in politics and as a respected member of President Obama’s Cabinet, he was the principal advisor, negotiator, and spokesperson on trade issues and an important member of the economics team. He is now frequently sought-after for his expertise on politics and trade and can be seen nationwide on top-tier media outlets. Learn more about Ambassador Ron Kirk here

Josh Earnest

Former White House Press Secretary & NBC/MSNBC Political Analyst

A legendary communications strategist, Josh Earnest was selected by President Obama to assume the most-visible job in American politics as White House press secretary in 2014. He quickly distinguished himself as a tactful and charismatic White House ambassador earning the respect of Washington insiders in both parties for his ability to marshal facts and construct persuasive arguments, even during heated exchanges with the White House press corps. Whether managing a legislative setback, celebrating a diplomatic breakthrough, or reacting to a terror attack, Earnest earned a reputation for uncommon poise under an intense spotlight where there is no margin for error. Learn more about Josh Earnest here

Carlos Gutierrez

Former US Secretary of Commerce & Former CEO of Kellogg 

Carlos Gutierrez is the former CEO of Kellogg Company, a former secretary of commerce, and the former vice chairman of Citigroup’s Institutional Clients Group. The son of Cuban immigrants who began his career selling cereal to small grocers in Mexico City, he rose to become the youngest CEO in Kellogg’s 100-year history. He first learned English from bellhops, but commerce has always been a language in which Gutierrez was fluent. Named one of the most powerful Hispanic-Americans in business by Fortune magazine, he was an ardent voice for business in the government. Learn more about Carlos Gutierrez here

Anja Manuel

Former US Department of State Official Responsible For South Asia Policy; Founding Partner & Principal At Strategic Consulting Firm, RiceHadleyGates

Since 2009, Anja Manuel has served as a founding partner and principal at RiceHadleyGates, LLC, a strategic consulting firm, which she co-founded along with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley, and Robert Gates. The firm works with senior executives of major companies to evaluate strategic and political risk, and expand in emerging markets. Learn more about Anja Manuel here

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