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Expert Insights on AI's Opportunities & Challenges

noelle russell

Noelle Russell, Global AI Solutions Lead at Accenture, Founder & Chief AI Officer at AI Leadership Institute

Noelle Russell is an AI leader and practitioner who empowers business leaders to embrace the opportunities AI offers for them to innovate and build stronger companies.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, she discussed the ways in which generative AI could boost the country’s economy by as much as $115 billion.

bruce schneier in a blazer and flowered shirt, pictured outside

Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist & Guru

Regarded as one of the world’s foremost security experts, Bruce Schneier is refreshingly candid in his analysis of the opportunities AI presents to organizations and society, as well as the risks and ethical considerations it poses.

In a piece penned for POLITICO, he suggests that big companies using generative AI should pay a licensing fee for training their models on public data, and that the proceeds should be distributed to all Americans.

sydney savion posing with her arms folded

Sydney Savion, Former Global Learning Futurist at Google, Transformational Leadership Expert

Sydney Savion is a purpose-driven corporate and military leader who helps other leaders understand how they can adapt their strategies based on shifts in the human and digital elements of work.

In this Training Industry article, she argues that creativity, which is linked to emotional intelligence (EI), is a unique human skill that AI lacks. She also encourages collaboration with generative AI to address learning and development challenges in the workplace.   

salim ismail smiling, black and grey photo

Salim Ismail, Exponential Strategist, Former Yahoo VP

As a globally recognized futurist and tech entrepreneur, Salim Ismail helps businesses leverage the power of AI and emerging technologies to create breakthrough solutions and scale 10 times faster.

In this interview with Healthcare Finance, he emphasizes the importance of AI in building and scaling exponential organizations.

sam jordan smiling

Samantha Jordan, Futurist; Consultant, the Future Today Institute

The Future Today Institute’s Samantha Jordan offers an optimist’s perspective on emerging trends and technologies, and how they can be purposefully integrated in support of an organization’s strategy and goals.

Ragan recently published insights from Jordan, which include her thoughts on the potential for AI and other emerging technologies to change the ways we communicate and work.

kate darling posing in a black shirt with her arms folded

Kate Darling, Leading Expert in Social Robotics and MIT Media Lab Research Scientist

Kate Darling is a leading expert in social robotics and AI who shares incredible insights on the ever-evolving human-robot-AI dynamic, the ethical considerations involved, and the probable impact on society.

In an interview with El Pais, she gives her take on the current explosion of artificial intelligence and even suggests that we’re not far off from people falling in love with machines.

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