Experts on Today’s Headlines

Today's headlines- 6 speakers

Looking for a speaker with on-the-ground insights into today’s biggest news stories? Leading Authorities has the go-to experts who deliver real-time insights on today’s economic, geopolitical, and electoral issues.


  • General Stan McChrystal is dynamic as he analyzes the trends and relationships that will shape the world for the next 20 years and dissects our current threats and opportunities.
  • General Michael Hayden offers an intriguing look at the most dangerous hotspots around the world and the issues that keep the CIA up at night.

Economy/Financial Markets

  • Doug Holtz-Eakin outlines the five structural reforms required to strengthen our economy and looks at the policy side of today’s pressing economic issues.
  • Marci Rossell has a big personality and great stage presence as she delivers insights on the three vital statistics to watch on our economy.

Nonpartisan Domestic Politics

  • Charlie Cook analyzes the current state of electoral politics with wit, poll numbers, economic indicators, and historical data.
  • Candy Crowley discusses the day’s top political headlines and shares what trends and issues will most likely affect voters.

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