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Athlete & TED Speaker: Living Life Barrier Free

by Whitney Sayce
Athlete and TED Female Speaker

Amy Purdy is a very exciting new speaker on the lecture circuit. Not only is she an unbelievable snowboarder who overcame serious obstacles to achieve success, but you probably recognize her from Dancing with the Stars, her must-watch TED Talk, her incredible 2015 Super Bowl ad, her tour with Oprah, or her New York Times best-selling book On My Own Two Feet. Her message is a powerful testament about using our challenges to push past our limits and living a life without barriers.

After losing her legs to bacterial meningitis when she was 19, Purdy has become the top-ranked adaptive snowboarder in the U.S. This woman is incredible and she knows no bounds, and in her speeches, she injects some of her life and spirit into your audience.


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