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Female Speakers On Big 2018 Topics

Female speakers on big 2018 topics

Our team has received a lot of requests for female speakers across many different topics lately. If your group is looking to book a female speaker to speak at an event this year, consider one of these impactful female speakers:

Innovation and Business Strategy

  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan is the CEO of Flywheel Sports, the former President of Gatorade, and a former GM at Nike. She's also author of the best-selling book, Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. She speaks candidly about the value of “failing forward,” chronicling failures in her own life to illustrate the importance of perseverance. She also walks audiences through becoming the most “extreme” versions of themselves in order to capitalize on their successes, and how to bring out the extreme in those around them. 
  • Mona Patel is a business innovation and customer experience expert, best-selling author, and founder and CEO of Motivate Design. She runs audiences through several “BS personas” that we often use to hold ourselves or our teams back from truly innovative ideas, and helps teams identify the areas in which they can and must adapt in order to thrive in an era of disruption. 
  • Susan O’Malley, First Female President of a Professional Sports Franchise. She uses anecdotes and lessons learned from her life of unprecedented success to share insights in leadership. Her ground-breaking business ideas provide a guide for thriving in a male-dominated field.

Motivating Groups to Tackle New Challenges

  • Col. Nicole Malachowski is America's first female Thunderbird pilot, a combat veteran, and a former fighter squadron commander. She uses her time in combat as a metaphor for the changes organizations and individuals are faced with, and shares insights in leadership, fellowship and overcoming adversity.

A Thought-Provoking Overview of the Day’s Big Issues

  • Norah O’Donnell is the co-host of CBS This Morning. She offers audience a deep into the issues of the day, drawing on firsthand experience interviewing some of the biggest news makers in the world now. O’Donnell shares how today’s event will shape the world and the role key players have in crafting headlines.

To Touch on Politics as We Gear up for the Mid-terms

  • Amy Holmes is an acclaimed political commentator and host of the new PBS show, In Principle. She takes audiences into the future of politics under the Trump administration and the most current political issues. Holmes shares her insider's view of Washington to explain what the political news of the day means for the American people.
  • Dana Perino, Former White House Press Secretary and Host of The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino. Perino uses that same energetic style that has made her popular on TV to share political analysis. She discusses current political events, and the upcoming elections.

Cyber Security and Protecting Against Cyber Warfare

  • Lisa Monaco is a former Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism Advisor and currently a CNN senior national security analyst. Monaco uses stories from her time in the Oval Office and the Situation Room to provide your organization with the framework needed to embrace the power of the internet while also eliminating the chances of falling victim to a cyber-attack.

Social Media, Tech Trends, and the Future of Business Transactions

  • Crystal Washington is a social media marketing strategist and tech trends expert. She uses her insights in social media and trends to explain how your company can use the current technology to remain innovative. In her talk, among other things, she explains what the current internet landscape means for recruitment, client engagement, and brand differentiation.
See a full list of our talented female speakers—including their experience, speaking topics, and accomplishments—by clicking here.

To learn more about these speakers, or to check their availability and fees for an upcoming event or meeting, call us at 1-800-SPEAKER or live chat with a member of our team right now.

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