Former Gatorade & Virgin Executive on Growth

Sarah Robb-O'Hagan

According to former Gatorade, Virgin America, Equinox, and Nike top executive Sarah Robb O’Hagan, before you can develop a bold business model, or grow your bottom line by 200%, or own your market share, you’ve got to become an “extreme” individual and team member. Here’s how:

In other words, you’ve got to understand your unique “extreme focus,” get “out of line” in order to make your talent known and you need to crash more often and find your very best playing field.

Sarah’s talks are incredibly high-energy and she is very easy to work with and likable (clients and audiences both rave about her).

Let me know if you think Sarah could be a good fit for your kick-off meeting or executive retreat. Would be happy to brainstorm ways she could motivate your team for 2017.


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