Former Yahoo! Exec Who Sold Startup to Google Now on Lecture Circuit

A former Yahoo! exec who built and sold his company to Google, Salim Ismail’s presentation is mind-blowing. You’ve got to see it:

Now at Singularity University, he works to solve humanity’s greatest challenges and shares informative, entertaining, and downright jaw-dropping insights on the future of technology and its social impact—all while showing us how these changes are creating opportunities along the way.

What he talks about isn’t science fiction; it’s real – from computer-driven taxi cabs and glow-in-dark pets to robots as doctors and farmers in Africa having access to more information now than Clinton did as president!

His presentation is fast-paced, cool, and memorable. Please give us a call or drop us a note using the form below if you’d like to check Salim Ismail’s availability or fees for your next meeting. 

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