Four of the Top-Booked Political Analysts on the Circuit

Below are four of the most-booked political analysts on the lecture circuit. Audiences adore them, and I encourage you to consider these speakers for your next political event.

Donna Brazile is a best-selling author and the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. Her southern charm, big personality, and hilarious anecdotes make her an instant audience favorite as she offers an in-depth look at the congressional and political landscape.

Dana Perino is the co-host of Fox’s The Five, a former White House press secretary, and the author of Amazon’s No. 1 new release And the Good News Is... Her presentations offer political insights and funny stories that showcase why she’s popular on TV – great energy, sharp wit, and big personality.

Candy Crowley is an award-winning journalist who served as host of CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley. She shares colorful stories about politics’ key players as she offers insights on the congressional landscape, the likely 2016 nominees, and how organizations can get their voices heard.

Amy Walter is the national editor of the Cook Political Report and the former political director of ABC News. She is known for her astuteness, wit, and unparalleled access to decision-makers, and she shares insights on the electoral process, congressional culture, and the Washington political scene.

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