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Are you looking for something different at this year’s meeting? Do you have a hard spot to fill that needs to be both entertaining and packed with practical takeaways?


These speakers have presentations that are unlike anything your team has seen:

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Former Chief Security Officer of Facebook

A cyber security expert and business leader who has spent his career improving the security and safety of the internet, Alex Stamos has one of the most-compelling and fascinating talks on cyber security on the circuit. Speaking completely from real-life experience (he also led security at Yahoo!), he shares fascinating stories and offers both high-level and in-the-weeds presentations for audiences seeking to understand the real-world, bottom-line impact of cyber security and cyber warfare. Speaking to my team recently, he walked us through “kill chains,” adversaries, the role corporations now must play in this space, attack types, and actions to take to become more secure. | Learn more about Alex Stamos here. 


Founder of BoomChickaPop

Entrepreneur, co-founder, and namesake of Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, Angie Bastian took a kernel of an idea and popped it into one of the fastest growing brands of natural popcorn. She founded the snack company out of her Minnesota garage in 2001, and it’s now one of the fastest-growing and most-successful popcorn brands in the market. Bastian talks honestly about what it takes to differentiate a product and make a powerful connection with the consumer. Speaking from experience, Bastian also talks about changes in the retail space, why authenticity matters, and how to weigh big marketing, sales, and branding decisions. | Learn more about Angie Bastian here. 


Expert in Body Language, Human Behavior, and Communication 

One of the world’s foremost body language experts, Mark Bowden shows audiences how to use non-verbal communication to be more likeable, persuasive, and confident in any social setting. A presentation with instant takeaways and plenty of “Aha!” moments, Bowden’s keynote is unlike anything else on the circuit. Bowden is also a go-to commentator for world media on the body language of leading politicians and public figures, and he appears regularly on news and talk shows. | Learn more about Mark Bowden here. 


Former Acting FBI Director

Few people have more relevant or more recent experience securing our nation at the highest levels of the US government than Andrew McCabe. The author of the new book The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, he spent 22 years at the FBI before assuming the role of Acting Director in May 2017. A sharp and witty storyteller, McCabe is available to discuss American national security and cyber security, challenges facing our democracy amid the current political climate, as well as leadership lessons learned. | Learn more about Andrew McCabe here. 


CEO & Founder of Inkpact

Charlotte is not your average 26-year-old. She founded her extremely successful company, Inkpact, three years ago, and has since been growing the innovative technology platform to an international powerhouse. Inkpact is a platform that allows companies to pay freelance creators to write hand-written thank you notes to clients at scale. Charlotte talks about how not knowing “how things were done” led her to this new business model—and how she has found success because she was willing to break the rules. | Learn more about Charlotte Pearce here. 


Creator of “Poetic Voice” & Inspirational Speaker

Sekou disrupted what a conventional keynote speaker looks like and is a true unicorn in the industry. Powerful and with a unique ability to connect with audiences, Sekou’s motivational speeches are more performance than keynote speech and are each 100% customized. He grabs the audience through an emotional and intellectual connection while packing his performance with takeaways on the power of storytelling and the need to stay ahead of your industry’s emerging trends. At a recent speech in Vegas, Sekou kept getting interrupted by applauses because so many attendees just got into it. | Learn more about Sekou Andrews here. 


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