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Geopolitics & Brexit: The Impact For Business

by Maddie Donnelly
Speaker on Geopolitics and Brexit

Geopolitics, Brexit and Europe’s relationship with the US are among of the topics Douglas Alexander covers in his speeches. As a former UK Secretary of State for International Development, the UK’s former Governor to the World Bank, lawyer and Shadow foreign minister, he provides a unique combination of policy, economics and law to global political affairs, the rise of populism, and the changing political landscape on both sides of the Atlantic. And it isn’t just theory, Douglas offers audiences actionable ideas on how these issues affect business, trade and civil society.

Douglas is in-demand and is also currently a senior fellow at Harvard University's Kennedy School, a visiting professor at the Policy Institute of King’s College, London, and a visiting fellow at the University of Chicago.

New to the speaking circuit, Douglas offers a fresh perspective. For more information, please complete the form below.

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