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Google’s Todd Rowe Stops By

by Katherine Bentley
Google Futurist and Expert Speaker

I just got out of a meeting with Todd Rowe from Google. He is in charge of selling lots of Google products (ad words, video, and mobile) and his presentation was fantastic. He presented like a futurist, sharing insights on industry specific trends, how technology will change particular industries, and what customers of a particular industry search for (and thus best ways to interact with them). I was impressed with his content, and he had actual data from Google searches, which he analyzed and used to make more actual predictions than typical futurists.

This video is a great example of his style and the types of slides he incorporates. While it has a bit of a sales pitch tone to it, when our CEO saw him speak at the International Franchise Association a few weeks ago, he didn’t push any kinds of Google products.

Rowe is a great choice for groups looking to discuss the future of business and technology.

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