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Gov't and SXSW Disruptor on Tech Advances

by Maddie Donnelly
Gov't and SXSW Disruptor on Tech Advances

The “connected citizen” revolution is right around the corner. It will change the way we live permanently—think drones dropping off prescriptions in your backyard instead of a trip to CVS or driverless cars automatically changing lanes to avoid potholes while you read the news.

Former Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx (2013-2017) recently spoke at SXSW about this, touching on smart cities and why “everything but walking” will be automated.

As a former government disruptor and policy maker, Foxx is in a unique position to talk about the actual implementation of the Internet of Things rather than just theory. As Sec. of Transportation, he was praised for launching the “Smart City Challenge,” which made him the first DOT chief to embrace integrated technologies as a part of city planning.

And in his last months in office, he met with drone-focused start-ups across the country to talk about how tech and government will need to work together to blend old and new infrastructure.

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