Great Reviews on HuffPo's Howard Fineman


Last week our team hosted a dinner with the Huffington Post’s Global Editorial Director Howard Fineman. Howard’s an amazing storyteller and our clients really appreciated his candid and funny insider take on “Trumptown.”

Howard talked about rising political extremism in America on both sides, and how technology is amplifying both the best and worst aspects of human nature in politics. Having known President Trump for a while, Howard was able to offer insight into how Trump thinks about himself (as a television persona first). He called him a “talented marketer” and discussed how he traveled to areas of the country where “The Apprentice” had been popular and used that momentum to tap into something very real.

Finally, he talked about how disenchanted voters will continue gravitating to extremes on the left and right, and how we’ll see more and more candidates run and play to this division. He also looked at why Trump is “constantly at war with everything and everyone around him,” and how he envisions this Presidency continuing.

If you’re interested in Howard’s delivery, my team just made a new video showcasing his speaking style:

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