Green Beret & Pineapple Express Leader on Rooftop Leadership


Retired U.S. Army Green Beret, Pineapple Express mission leader, and Rooftop Leadership expert Scott Mann is a captivating speaker who shares his expertise for building pivotal relationships in high-stakes, competitive environments. 

Creating More Powerful Outcomes in Business and Life

Known as the "Warrior Storyteller," Lt. Col. Mann masterfully engages audiences as he shares the powerful story of Operation Pineapple Express, a daring mission alongside fellow veterans and volunteers to not only honor a promise to his friend, but to save more than 1,000 Afghan allies amid the chaos of America's withdrawal from Afghanistan. He draws from his heart-pounding career of service to lead honest conversations about leading teams through the epic uncertainty and disconnection that organizations are facing today. His three-pronged approach to Rooftop Leadership — a grassroots leadership campaign rooted in interpersonal human skills — focuses on purpose, connection, and storytelling with one of his key messages being, "what is personal is universal."

Having mastered the art of creating connections in places where trust was absent and conflict was rampant, Lt. Col. Mann's Green Beret principles of leadership and rapport-building are a great fit for any organization aiming to succeed in competitive environments. 

Operation Pineapple ExpressOperation Pineapple Express

The heroics of Lt. Col. Mann, his Green Beret comrades, and on-the-ground volunteers are chronicled in his book, Operation Pineapple. The book, published by Simon & Schuster, is described as "an edge-of-your-seat thriller" and a "suspenseful tale of service and loyalty amidst the chaos of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan." In it's review of Operation Pineapple ExpressPublisher's Weekly noted, "This is a valuable addition to the growing literature on the ending of America's longest war."

In the Media

Through action-packed riveting storytelling, Scott Mann captivates his audience and shares his expertise on competitive environments, high-trust cultures, and relationship building in an applicable way that anyone can apply to their business, personal lives, and new opportunities.

Below are a few examples of the recent press Lt. Col. Mann has received: 


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