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Gretchen Carlson's TED Talk

One of our newest exclusive speakers, Gretchen Carlson, just got back from giving a TED talk at the TEDWomen Conference in Austin. It was a home run!

Not only did Gretchen receive a standing ovation, the TED team was so impressed by her that they rushed to get the talk edited and online in just a few days. Watch it now:

Gretchen offers two talks—one on politics/current events and one on women’s empowerment. For TED, she gave her speech on women’s empowerment. She wove deeply personal and captivating stories between lessons about not being afraid to seize opportunities and refusing to be intimidated by challenges. She also shared 3 steps of her 12-step process for “taking your power back.” 

For more information on Gretchen Carlson, or to check dates or fees, please visit the speaker page or live chat with us now.

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