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One of The Most Trusted Economists & CNBC’s Highest-Rated Forecaster, Dr. Marci Rossell

by Rebecca Lincks
One of The Most Trusted Female Economists & CNBC’s Highest-Rated Forecaster, Dr. Marci Rossell

Leading Authorities speakers bureau's newest exclusive keynote speaker, Dr. Marci Rossellis very welll known for her reliable economic reporting and forecasting. With the Federal Reserve recently increasing interest rates, and all eyes on the stock market, Rossell is able to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the American economic outlook.

Recent clients have called her a “homerun” speaker with a gift for “making a complex topic both interesting and digestible.” She has a highly energetic and animated speaking style and immediately puts her audience at ease when she explains how a 2020 recession is unlikely. Her knowledge has shown to be insightful but moreover accessible to audiences on an array of topics such as trade-wars, Brexit negotiations, and even yield-curves. With an economy being top of mind in 2020, Rossell is unparalleled in her knowledge and its optimistic delivery, making her a must-have for any and all!  

In speeches, Rossell skillfully analyzes the American economy and our role in the global economy. She draws on history, theory, and her ringside seat to Wall Street to share her insider perspective on what’s traditionally led to recessions, how elections factor into the markets, and what she sees coming in the next 18 to 24 months.

Watch the video below for a quick glimpse at Dr. Rossell's economic expertise and talent as a keynote speaker:

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