Honest Company Co-Founder on the Heartbeat of Brands

Close-up photo of Christopher Gavigan

In 2012, Honest Company co-founder and Chief Purpose Officer Christopher Gavigan teamed up with Jessica Alba to bring a new type of eco-friendly product to market. Five years later, the brand is worth $1.7 billion. If you ask Christopher how he built such a massive success story, he humbly responds that his team did it by focusing on purpose. 

According to Christopher, purpose is “the heartbeat of a brand”—without it, no organization can hope to survive in 2017:

  • Purpose not only drives company culture but also a connection to consumers that fuels purchases, word of mouth marketing, and social media engagement
  • Purpose creates passion, focus, and a demonstrable impact
  • Purpose doesn’t come out of thin air—it’s generated from the top down and must be clearly articulated and lived out

In presentations, Christopher talks about how at Honest, he has very intentionally created a corporate culture that promoted a feeling of purpose within each employee. 

His presentation is passionate and lighthearted at times. But with a goal of “global dominance,” Christopher also leaves audiences with hard-hitting insights on how businesses must respond to shifting consumer needs and meet them where they are both in person and online.

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