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Hot Speaking Topic: Engaging Millennials

by Maddie Donnelly
Speakers on Engaging millennials

Millennials. The 20-somethings who spend more than five hours a day on social media, seek greater freedom in the workplace, and rent rather than buy. By 2020, it’s estimated that they’ll account for roughly 50-percent of the nation’s workforce. We’re just beginning to understand the commercial and political impact they’ll have.

How are the people at your events doing business with millennials and communicating key messages? This year, bring in an expert who can help your team better understand these 80 million Americans, including:

  • Seth Mattison, who says that a great product or service is simply not enough anymore, and discusses the importance of offering a meaningful experience to customers living in a digital world.
  • Former New Republic editor Peter Beinart, who dissects the economic experience millennials have had in their short adult lives, and predicts how their voting patterns will impact politics long-term.
  • Cam Marston, whose speeches offer highly-specific tips for interacting with and selling to millennials (as well as Generation X).
  • Mitch Joel, who believes that two millennials shopping for a product, through their connected lives, may actually represent up to 5,000 consumers at once.
  • Ryan Estis, who calls millennials “switched on from the moment they wake up,” and shares tips for creating a brand identity and standard of excellence millennials will believe in and execute consistently.
  • Pew Research Center’s Paul Taylor, whose data-heavy presentations break down the major demographic and societal shifts that precipitated present intergenerational struggles.

If your audience employs, sells to, or seeks to attract millenials—this is a hot topic that is getting a lot of interest. Fill out the form below if you'd like more info on any of these or other generational experts.

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