Hot Trend for Top-Tier 2018 Meetings: Duos


A popular trend our team has been seeing for top-tier executive meetings this year is bringing in two seriously accomplished intelligence, policy, and diplomacy speakers to share a multi-faceted view of today’s biggest geopolitical issues.

Here are three duos like this that we recommend now:

General John Allen and Ken Pollack deliver a talk on the mega-trends and destabilizing global forces shaping economies and political alliances. Our client who booked them said it’s one of the best conversations they had ever seen on these issues. As the former head of NATO forces, and a best-selling author and former CIA Middle East specialist, their perspectives are more valuable than ever. They also touch upon pockets of extremism around the globe and the state of groups including ISIS.

Director James Clapper and former deputy and acting director of the CIA Michael Morell have kept our nation’s highest-level secrets over the past 15 years—and have some great insights on the current administration’s intelligence challenges. They’re a great pairing because they know each other well and the conversation flows naturally. While they agree on many assessments, they also often expand on what the other says or offer additional or opposing viewpoints on geopolitical issues (North Korea, Russia, the Middle East) and things like cyber security and the intersection of politics and policy.

General Michael Hayden and Sir John Scarlett are unique in their international collaboration. The former director of the CIA and NSA and the former chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Gen. Hayden and Sir John Scarlett share the stage to outline the impact of today’s biggest international events. They discuss how we gather intelligence in today’s environment and how two countries work together and share data especially in times of crisis. Their unique perspective on the evolving security situation has audiences holding their breath and making notes of the obstacles and opportunities ahead.

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