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Looking to hire a speaker but keep running into budget issues? We hear you. It’s true that a keynote speaker can be a big expense for your company or association, but there are usually up-and-coming low budget event speakers or affordable conference speakers who are less-well-known and can deliver a great presentation for less. This is why it’s so important to work with a knowledgeable and reputable speakers bureau.

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How to Book Budget-Friendly Speakers With Leading Authorities

We often work with clients who set out looking for a big-name speaker or celebrity speaker. These speakers are outside the scope of most meeting planners’ budgets. And sometimes, even if they fall within your budget, they may be unavailable for a keynote on your event date. This is where our team comes in.

Having personally seen and worked with hundreds of speakers over the past three decades, the Leading Authorities team is able to recommend affordable event speakers that you may not have heard of or considered based on requirements like location, experience level, brand affiliation, and presentation length and type, which all impact pricing. Our budget-friendly speakers range from low-budget corporate speakers new to the circuit to low-profile political low budget keynote speakers. We work with you to get a feel for your meeting’s theme, topics of discussion, and goals, to make sure that you only make compromises that will have the smallest impact on your event’s success as judged by the people who matter most: attendees and stakeholders.

Many lower-cost, high-value speakers are newer to the speaking circuit or don’t have the massive name recognition of other speakers, but still deliver a very impactful and high-level talk. The typical price range for an affordable speaker of this caliber would be between the range of $7,000 to $15,000 depending on location and add-ons, like book or travel fees. We work with affordable speakers in all topic areas ranging from inspirational speakers to technology and financial technology experts to political analysts, to name a few.

If you’re wondering how to find these great, low-budget speakers, your best bet is to reach out to our team who can provide you with a curated list of speaker recommendations based on the location of your event, and your exact budget range, and speaker availability and speaking topic. 

How Much Do Guest Speakers Cost?

Let’s be honest, time is money. And the amount of time a speaker has spent in their field developing their knowledge can equal higher speaker costs. Not only are you paying for their expertise, but you’re also paying for their credentials. Booking a speaker who is highly educated on the topic at hand and extremely-well known in their field is going to lead to higher speaking fees than a speaker who is fresh on the circuit.

When considering factors that influence the price of guest speakers, another essential aspect to analyze is how your event will operate as a whole. The size of your audience, the desired duration of the keynote or presentation, the location of the event, and the sponsors you have acquired are just some of the elements that will all influence the cost of your speaker. It is the speaker’s job to customize their keynote to your event. With that in mind, the level of customization may impact the production of your event, as well as the cost for the speaker.  

Estimated Guest Speaker Rates

It’s no secret by now that booking a guest speaker can be a hefty cost. We’re here to break the fourth wall and transparently outline estimated speaking rates so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision on who to book for your next event.

Novice ($500-$1,500): These speakers are going to have less expertise in their field but would be perfect for a smaller event that requires someone who is willing to be flexible and cater to your needs.

Established ($5,000-$10,000): Ranging from intermediate to professional, these speakers are more experienced in their field and will bring more value to the table than a novice speaker but won’t “break the bank” like a more acclaimed speaker.

Thought Leaders and Industry Experts ($25,000-$50,000): Thought leader and industry expert speakers come with notoriety and high-level credentials. These speakers are well-known experts in their field and range from best-selling authors to renowned professors.

Celebrities and VIPs ($75,000-$100,000+): A speaker of this stature is truly the best of the best. They are at the top of their field and will bring in high value as well as a large audience. Think famous politicians, CEOs of brand-name companies, and A-List celebrities.

Additional Expenses to Consider

There are many factors that could influence the price of booking a keynote speaker aside from the level of expertise and credibility. Depending on whether your speaker will need plane tickets, hotel accommodations, or have to adapt their keynote to your set design and production technology, the price ranges of booking a guest speaker will vary.

Before you commit to booking someone that may be outside of your budget, it is crucial that you consider travel fees, production costs, and other various expenses that could potentially raise the speaker prices. Firstly, speakers typically don’t pay for their means of travel, so clients are expected to cover that. Additionally, if you are considering live streaming your event, you will need to allot part of your budget to be devoted to hardware/software technology and bandwidth for the platform you choose. While it may seem intuitive that these factors will play a role in speaker cost, the success of your event lies in factoring in all of these additional expenses.

Here's how to use our website to search for speakers by their speaking fee:

  1. Navigate to our speaker search page on the Leading Authorities speakers bureau website.
  2. Refine your search selections by select the appropriate topic or topics, fee range, and speaker location on the left side of the page and get your results! You can also select any of our additional search filters, such as speaker type, gender, political affiliation, and more, to narrow down your search even more.
  3. Please note that speaker fees are different for every speaker based on the location of your event. Thus, knowing your event's location is crucial to providing accurate pricing estimates.

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Whether you are looking for a more affordable guest speaker to enrich your audience with their insights or a celebrity speaker to deliver that wow factor, LAI has a variety of speakers in all price ranges that are right for you.

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