Innovation Expert on Technological Shifts Driving Disruption in Business

Leonard Brody

What is Web 3.0? What are the trends rippling from the metaverse? And, how can you position your organization for success in this new era? If you’re planning an upcoming meeting around these topics, take a look at leading techno-economist and innovation expert, Leonard Brody.

As a practitioner, Brody is behind the scenes and in front of the trends when it comes to innovation, technology, and the future of things. While others are figuring out how to navigate disruption, he is out there doing the disrupting. He has worked alongside entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world leaders — including the British Royal Family — to develop groundbreaking ventures that are reshaping our way of life.

Brody leads a gripping conversation on the cultural and technological shifts driving disruption in business and the world and possesses expert-level understanding of various industries, including finance, real estate, tech, consumer goods, and healthcare. He provides organizations with future-focused strategies for thriving in the world being rewritten around them and capitalizing on the opportunities of the digital future, including Web 3.0 and the metaverse.


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