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Innovative speakers from Buzzfeed and Trader Joe’s

by Maddie Donnelly
Innovative speakers from Buzzfeed and Trader Joe’s
In 2016, building a company culture of innovation is at the top of most executive’s to-do lists. We have several recommendations for speakers from brands known for their innovative business plans and marketing strategies, who can be a great spark for internal conversations about change and new ideas:

Mike Steep of PARC Xerox: Mike Steep is a disruptive innovation expert who specializes in helping major companies find the best way to implement new technologies. His speeches take audiences behind the scenes with the world’s most innovative companies, including BMW and Boeing.

Jonathan Perelman, former VP at Buzzfeed: Jonathan Perelman led the Buzzfeed video team that launched the era of “branded content” and amassed an incredible 1.5 billion monthly views. He discusses the tactics and mindset that companies should be cultivating to tap into the next generation of consumers.

Doug Rauch of Trader Joe’s: Doug Rauch grew Trader Joe’s from a small, nine-store chain in Southern California to the major retail success it is today, serving as company president for 14 years. Rauch, who believes the first step to innovation is creating the right company culture, shares his unique methods, including altered buying, labeling, and business plan strategies that he used to propel the brand to the top.

Mick Ebeling from Not Impossible Labs
: One of AdAge’s Top 50 Most Creative People in 2014, Ebeling is the recipient of two SXSW innovation awards in a row. He’s a prized trailblazer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who—through his company Not Impossible Labs—worked on the development of technologies that helped the blind see and restored prosthetic limbs to amputees in war-torn regions. He talks about how companies can stop believing things are “impossible” in order to begin innovating.

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