The Inspirational Speaker Whose Incredible Life Story Will Amaze You


The Leading Authorities speakers bureau team has been seeing some incredible and inspirational new speakers and entertainers lately, but our team is particularly excited to share the story of one of Leading Authorities speakers bureau’s newest and most noteworthy exclusive speakers—Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi.

Having grown up in some of our country’s roughest and most economically deprived and under privileged neighborhoods, being exposed to illegal drugs and crime at a very early age, frequently relocating to different cities across the US and subsequently changing schools 10 times in seven years, Hakeem Oluseyi overcame great adversity and defied the odds to become one of the world’s foremost astrophysicists and a leading NASA researcher.

Growing up, Hakeem was often left alone without adult supervision, and escaped the surrounding chaos by spending most of his time indoors, watching PBS and reading encyclopedias. Capitalizing on every opportunity that came his way, and drowning out the ever-present naysayers at every turn, he slowly worked his way to Stanford University, where he earned a PhD and a Master’s degree, and eventually became a professor himself.

He has four degrees, 12 patents globally—mostly working on computer chips—and worked on a Nobel Peace Prize-winning research project.

Hakeem is funny, charming, and incredibly honest, and his presentations combine a look at his mind-bending research on the origins of the universe and the nature of space and time, with the uplifting story of his rise from poverty to the halls of NASA.

He is the author of the upcoming memoir, The Stars in My Soul: My Unlikely Journey through Space and Time. The movie rights have already been bought.

Want to see Hakeem in action? Click here to watch his TED Talk where he explains the complicated and complex concept of Infinity in just three minutes flat.


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