Inspire Conference: The Podcasts


Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas was one of our team’s most exciting and ambitious events ever. Held at the Watergate Hotel here in Washington, DC, the day-long conference featured presentations from ten of our most inspiring speakers.

And, live on site, we recorded conversations with our talented presenters to feature on our podcast, Speaking Of. (Recordings at the Watergate—exciting, right?)

We’ve rounded up those discussions in this blog post for you to review. Listen now and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Ben Saunders: Life On The Edge

Polar explorer Ben Saunders has traveled across Antarctica and the Arctic six times, and holds the record for the longest polar journey ever recorded on foot. He talks with Speaking Of about attempting things that have never been done before, what motivates him to walk across frigid landscapes alone, and how he navigates the unexpected at the edge of the world.

Matthew "Griff" Griffin: Walking The Walk

Matthew "Griff" Griffin is the co-founder and CEO of Combat Flip Flops. A former Army Ranger, Griff felt lost and angry after returning home from four tours of duty. In this episode, Griff talks about how he rediscovered his life's mission and motivation by launching a purpose-driven business—and why he's come to believe that "the older you get, the more you are obligated to help the world."

Colonel Nicole Malachowski: "Why Not Me?"

Col. Nicole Malachowski is a 21-year-veteran of the US Air Force and the first ever female Thunderbird pilot. She talked with Speaking Of about how she dealt with the doubt, fear, and the pressure that came along with being “the first.”

Kal Kallaugher: Cartoons Speak Louder Than Words

Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher has been the editorial cartoonist at the Economist for over 30 years. He sat down with our team to share the incredible story of his professional journey and discuss how he turns caricatures into art.

Crystal Washington: Make Social Media Work For You

We talk to tech trends expert and social media guru Crystal Washington about how we relate to our devices, what new tools are out there now, and how to avoid the unhealthy aspects of leading hyper-digital lives. 

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