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Jake Tapper Featured in New Washington Post Q&A

by Alexandra Santiago
Jake Tapper, Award Winning Journalist; Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent, CNN

Last week, Jake Tapper sat down with The Washington Post to talk about the 2018 political environment, why “everyone’s a media critic” in today’s climate, and his perspective on criticism from viewers at large and, in particular, President Trump.

In the interview, Tapper talks candidly about today’s whirlwind media environment and discusses how he is open to criticism from the left and the right because he believes there’s “always room for improvement.”

Read the full article now.

Tapper’s also asked if he believes President Trump is “good for America,” to which he responds that it’s “not really for him to say.” He does, however, note that the American population is far more engaged in political and civil discourse than ever before, which he does believe to be a good thing.

Jake is a very popular speaker known best as the host of The Lead and State of the Union on CNN. He is an excellent option for keynotes and fireside chats, and also serves as a great panel speaker or moderator, something he frequently serves as on his television programs.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jake Tapper, please visit his speaker page or chat with a member of our team now.

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