Joby Ogwyn: Only Man to Summit Everest in a Single Day

Man trekking a snow covered mountain

World-class adventurer Joby Ogwyn is:

  • The only man to summit Mount Everest in a single day (It took him 9 ½ hours while the average person needs 6 days)
  • The only person in the world to fly next to Everest in a wing-suit
  • The first man to fly through a waterfall in a wing-suit

… And much more. With gripping stories and jaw-dropping visuals, Joby explains how he overcomes fear and takes calculated risks. He also shares the business behind what he does – how he pitches projects to NBC, National Geographic, Discovery, and Sony Pictures and gets executives to buy into an $8 million idea. In November, Joby was profiled in an incredible video by Vice, you can watch that here.

He has a new speech that pulls back the curtain on how he makes his dreams reality, looking at the need for perseverance and how to know the difference between risk and recklessness.

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