LAI Speakers Take The Stage At The Aspen Ideas Festival


From June 23rd to 29th, 2019, the Aspen Ideas Festival is being held in Aspen, CO. The festival, presented by the Aspen Institute, is the nation’s premier public forum for leaders to traverse boundaries and join in problem-solving discussions. The conference’s goal is to present ideas that both shape our lives and challenge our times.

The Ideas Festival has a reputation for gathering diverse, nonpartisan thought leaders, creatives, scholars, and members of the public who are committed to improving our communities and our world. Through the event’s speakers and activities, they empower individuals to achieve demonstrable results. 

Many of our LAI speakers were invited to Aspen to engage in this year’s exchange of ideas. Want to hear Paul Ryan’s thoughts on how to refine economic policies, or see Jonathan Capehart’s discussion of corporate leadership and the challenge of racism? Tune into the livestream feed to hear 2019’s hot topics, then check out the profiles of these extraordinary leaders and thinkers.


  • Paul Ryan: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (2015-2019)
  • Colin O’Brady: Pro Endurance Athlete, 4-Time World Record Holder, & The First Person to Cross Antarctica Solo, Unsupported and Unaided
  • Alex Stamos: Former Chief of Security at Facebook & Professor at Stanford
  • Jonathan Capehart: Journalist and Television Personality
  • Mike Allen: Co-Founder & Executive Editor of Axios and Former POLITICO Chief White House Correspondent
  • Amy Walter: Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Cook Political Report and Host of WNYC’s The Takeaway Fridays
  • Douglas Holtz-Eakin: Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office and Economic & Fiscal Policy Expert
  • Douglas Lute: Former US Ambassador to NATO
  • Amy Harder: National Energy and Climate Change Reporter at Axios
  • Zak Dychtwald: China Expert, Millennial Explorer, & Cultural Futurist


Having served as Speaker of House and ran as Vice President nominee to Mitt Romney in 2012, Paul Ryan is an expert politician. Offering a true inside perspective of Washington’s inner workings, Paul reflects on his time in Congress and shares his thoughts for the future of America. He spoke at the following Aspen Ideas event:


After suffering a severe burn to 25% of his body, Colin transformed his obstacles into opportunities—and broke some world records too. Since breaking four world-records, including the first ever unaided Antarctica venture, he inspires audiences with positivity and engaging goal-setting. He spoke at the following Aspen Ideas event:


A cybersecurity expert, business leader and entrepreneur, Alex’s entire career has been centered on improving internet safety. With the advance of technology and inflation of data available online, Alex is a top consultant for the world’s biggest tech concerns. He will be speaking at the following Aspen Ideas events:


Member of The Washington Post editorial board, MSNBC contributor, and host of the “Cape Up” podcast, Jonathan is an excellent moderator who seamlessly directs conversation. He specializes in politics and social issues and is known for his insightful yet witty commentary. He will be speaking at the following Aspen Ideas events:


Once called “the man the White House wakes up to,” Mike is one of Washington’s most influential and well-connected journalists. He offers a non-partisan behind-the-scenes analysis of what's going on in DC. He will be speaking at the following Aspen Ideas events:


As a public radio host, respected journalist, and TV panelist, Amy has built a reputation as an accurate analyst. She provides expert insights on the electoral process, congressional culture, and the DC political scene. She will be speaking at the following Aspen Ideas events:


Having served at the highest levels of government, Doug is well-known on Capitol Hill and in Washington, DC’s top think tanks. With experience in policy, politics, academia, and government, he has a diverse economic background and offers audiences a multi-dimensional view of the economy. He will be speaking at the following Aspen Ideas events:


Douglas is an expert on international relations, security, and defense in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. With a unique combination of experiences—military-political-diplomatic—he discusses geopolitics, current events, and international alliances, with a specific focus on the United States’ relations with allies and adversaries. He will be speaking at the following Aspen Ideas events:


Having earned respect across the spectrum for her accuracy and objectivity, Amy is one of the top national energy and climate change reporters in the country. She is a uniquely balanced and influential journalist, bridging the gap between the biggest CEOs and the general public. She will be speaking at the following Aspen Ideas events:


Having devoted much of his young adult life to travelling, Zak has become an expert on culture, demographics, and social geography. From his experiences, he is able to provide insightful predictions for the cultural future. He spoke at the following Aspen Ideas events:


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