LAI’s Top Politics Experts On The 2016 Election

Trump speaking at a podium

Wondering how every poll got it wrong? So are we. Here’s what our top political analysts have written today about last night’s shocking turnout:

Ron Fournier, Publisher of Crain’s Detroit Business, for The Atlantic: “Listening to What Americans Said on Election Day”
“They’d been saying it for more than a year—but few bothered to hear them.”

Amy Walter, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, for Cook Political: “The Shock Heard ‘Round the World
“I got it wrong. Really wrong. Trump didn't just win, he crushed it. This is truly the most shocking thing that I have seen in my lifetime.”

Dana Milbank, Washington Post Columnist, for The Post: A Stunning Cake and a Stunned Nation
“[The cake] was aiming to reproduce Trump’s pout, but [the baker] wound up making him look startled and sad. After Tuesday night, that’s the exact expression worn by tens of millions of Americans and countless more across the globe.”

Ronald Brownstein, Political Director of Atlantic Media Company, for The Atlantic: How Trump Won
“The Republican nominee put together a coalition of non-college-educated, non-urban voters—and they turned out for him with tremendous enthusiasm.”

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