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Leading Silicon Valley Voice on AI, Robots, and Tech Trends

by Maddie Donnelly
Leading Silicon Valley Voice on AI, Robots, and Tech Trends

Neil Jacobstein is a leading Silicon Valley voice and a fantastic speaker who looks at AI, robotics, and the unbelievable solutions currently being developed for “humanity’s grand challenge problems.”
Neil’s speeches are customised and he has a unique ability to discuss these topics in a casual and conversational way. He is a new Leading Authorities speaker we recommend for a deep but digestible look at tech trends and the way they will change many different areas of the economy.
Neil’s sample topics include:

  • The future of technology, from AI to nanotech
  • What Artificial Intelligence is and where it’s headed
  • Exponential advances in robotics: Opportunities and implications

For more information on Neil including his credentials, speaking style, fees or availability, please fill out the form below.

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