Lisa Monaco: Cyber Needs “C-Suite Attention"

At a recent Aspen Institute event, former Obama Homeland Security and Counterterrorism advisor, Lisa Monaco, made a strong case that the days of cyber security problems being left to the IT department are over. Companies must focus on cyber from the top down—starting with the C-suite.
While working for President Obama, Lisa was responsible for coordinating the government response to major issues ranging from terrorist attacks at home and abroad to cyber security, pandemics, and natural disasters. When the bombing in Brussels occurred, or the OPM hack was uncovered, for example, Lisa was the person President Obama called.
In presentations, she talks about a wide range of cyber security and geopolitical issues and explains the why and how of:

  • Our “attack surface” expanding to include things like pacemakers and toasters
  • ISIS hiring hackers to steal customer information
  • Hackers launching “bet the company” style attacks on corporations

Since leaving her post in January, Lisa remains a major force within the cyber security community. She was the first-ever female Assistant Attorney General for National Security and the former Chief of Staff of the FBI. She is now a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and a fellow at NYU Law School’s Center for Law and Security. 

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