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DC Based Political Speakers for Legislative Meetings

by Maddie Donnelly
Political Speakers on Legislation, Politics
If you’re working on a spring legislative conference, PAC meeting, or fly-in, and still finalizing your program, take a minute to consider one of these popular political analysts. They are all fantastic at breaking down the personalities and headlines inside Washington and are raved about by audiences.

Mike Allen, Co-founder and executive editor of Axios, former Chief White House Correspondent for Politico
Charlie Cook, Publisher of the Cook Political Report
Stu Rothenberg, Founding editor and publisher of the Rothenberg Political Report
Jim VandeHei, Co-founder of Axios and co-founder and former CEO of Politico
Amy Walter, National editor of the Cook Political Report
Mara Liasson, National political correspondent for NPR
Chris Stirewalt, Politics editor at FOX News

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