Looking for a Speaker from a Big Brand?

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We get a lot of requests from clients who want a top executive from a big brand for their event. Here are 6 recommendations for incredibly impressive and engaging speakers who check the “big brand” box:

  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan: A disruption powerhouse, Sarah is former global president of Gatorade, former GM and marketing director at Nike, and currently CEO of Flywheel Sports. She speaks passionately about disrupting your own business from the inside out and not being afraid to fail.
  • Jon Steinberg: Jon is founder and CEO of Cheddar, the revolutionary streaming-based video news platform that received a valuation of $85 million after less than one year. He talks about fueling growth by cultivating an innovative company culture and mindset.
  • Elizabeth Gore: The Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Dell (the person responsible for boosting innovative ideas), Elizabeth talks about why brands must embrace a workforce/customer base that is changing fast.
  • Dawn Hudson: The Chief Marketing Officer of the NFL, Dawn speaks with electricity about the influence of product branding on an industry, creating a diverse work place, and turning adversity into an advantage.
  • Chris Gavigan: As Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of the Honest Company, Chris talks about how to build a trusted brand, and why respect is the primary driver of a company’s bottom line.
  • Seth Goldman: The co-founder and “TeaEO” Emeritus of Honest Tea, Seth hits on what it takes to sell new products to an audience that thinks it already knows what it wants.

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